We depend less on what happens in our lives than what passes in our souls. quote by Jeanne de Vietinghoff

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Gleam of Light Press is and will remain a small publisher. The growth we hope to see is not in the number of titles we publish but in the number of readers who appreciate the ones we do.

Our First Offerings

A Course in Butterflies by Christine Mary McGinley

A Course in Butterflies
A Novel

Christine Mary McGinley

Katherine Ayers, an astrophysicist at a popular American university, grapples with life’s most daunting mysteries – the origins of the universe, the fate of the globe we inhabit, the laws that govern both. Her ultimate triumph is not a cosmic discovery but a reconciliation with her own origins and with the even more daunting mysteries of life here on Earth.

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detecting the gleam of light by Christine Mary McGinley

Detecting the Gleam of Light:
Thoughts for the Aspiring Creative Writer

Christine Mary McGinley

Detecting the Gleam of Light, as its title suggests, is as much about Emerson as it is about creative writing. According to its author, Christine Mary McGinley, Emerson is much more than an originator of “creative writing.” He is everything a creative writer needs. Read Emerson, she says, and you will find your own way as a creative writer.

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Understanding of Good by Jeanne de Vietinghoff

The Understanding of Good:
Thoughts on Some of Life’s Higher Issues

Jeanne de Vietinghoff

Translated by Ethel Ireland helleman
Introduced and Edited by Christine Mary McGinley

Jeanne de Vietinghoff’s The Understanding of Good was first published in French in 1910 and translated to English in 1921. We have revived this obscure and extraordinary work of poetic philosophy for the reader interested in deep spiritual nourishment.

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