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At Gleam of Light Press we take our greatest pleasure in recommending other great books, old and new ― books we consider the finest available for awakening souls, lifting spirits, and enriching lives. The titles you find in this section have been published by other publishers. The descriptions you find here are our own responses to these literary treasures.

Some of these books are widely available. Others are rare, difficult to find or expensive to purchase. For these we rely on our community library and our state’s library loan program which unfailingly has them on hold for us within days. (We need to support our nation’s libraries too!)

We hope you will pursue, or return to, some of these great finds and check in with us occasionally to see what new titles have been added. We also hope you will share your ideas with us, both in response to these books and especially regarding your own great finds.

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If there is a particular book you feel belongs here, we will be grateful if you will write to us. We will consider every suggestion made. If your offering is new to us and we agree that it belongs here, we will gladly acknowledge you if you wish as the source of our find.

We look forward to sharing,

The Gleam of Light Team

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