Creating Waldens

Creating Waldens:  An East-West Conversation on the American Renaissance Written by   Ronald A. Bosco, Joel Myerson, Daisaku Ikeda

Creating Waldens

An East-West Conversation on the American Renaissance

Ronald A. Bosco, Joel Myerson, Daisaku Ikeda

“Our task in this life is not to replicate either their lives or their respective worlds but to build a better world for ourselves and our fellow human beings.”

This wonderful book of the recorded conversations among two of America’s leading scholars on Emerson, Thoreau and American Transcendentalism, Ronald Bosco and Joel Myerson, and Daisaku Ikeda, founder of the Ikeda International Center for Peace Learning and Dialogue, is a treasure we hope will find its way into the hands of all millennials – the young people who will be redefining our world.

Emerson and Thoreau, as these three thoughtful scholars contemplate, offer powerful guidance to every individual in search of a meaningful life. The inspiration they bring is as unmatched today as it was in the mid-1800’s when the New World was just taking form. It is as potent as it has been throughout the years to such forward-thinking leaders as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Rachel Carson. For those envisioning the “American values” of the future, it may find its greatest value.

The New England Transcendentalists were among the first Americans to champion individual freedoms, human rights and education. They engaged in deep relationships with nature and felt reverence toward all living things. They advocated a sense of global citizenship which transcends the interests of nations and cultures. Most of all, they underscored the richness of a strong inner life and the power within the individual conscience to change the world.

Creating Waldens calls special attention to the values uniquely examined and expressed by Henry David Thoreau in his timeless work, Walden. Thoreau’s experience in the woods of Walden Pond put him in touch with his own deep values and gave him a clear-sighted view of society’s – the growing materialism he would come to reject as the force most antithetical to a meaningful life.

The Walden Thoreau created for himself was a place of pure freedom, a state in which one “chooses to be rich by making his wants few.” Though he carved out this space for himself in the depths of nature, he emphasized for all Walden readers that the true place of freedom – the Walden we may each create for ourselves – is within one’s own mind.

The Gleam of Light Team

Creating Waldens
Ronald A. Bosco, Joel Myerson, Daisaku Ikeda
2009, Dialogue Path Press

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